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Direct Connect for QUICKEN/Quickbooks FAQS

How do I Enroll for Direct Connect for Quicken/Quickbooks?

To use Direct Connect for Quicken/Quickbooks with your PFCU account(s) you must 1st sign up for this service separately from Teller Net. Please Log-in to Teller Net and go to Manage Money > Connectivity for Quicken and Quickbooks to enroll.

Direct Connect for Quicken

Enter and confirm the password that you wish to use, your password must be between 6 and 8 characters (may be alpha-numeric and is case-sensitive) and then click on the “Submit” Button. The password you create during this process can't be the same as your Teller Net password. After successfully completing the registration please follow the steps below.

How to Setup Direct Connect for Quicken/Quickbooks?

You must have completed the above registration, enrolled for the service, and have your Quicken password you just created ready.

I already have an existing account with PFCU I would like to setup for Quicken.

Click here to download Instructions.

I have a new account with PFCU I would like to setup for Quicken.

Click here to download Instructions.

Remove duplicate transactions from Quicken.

Click here to download Instructions for MAC.

Click here to download Instructions for Windows.


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