Clarifi Financial Counseling

At PFCU, we want to see our members thrive. So we offer free tools, classes, and guidance to help buff up your balance, tone your finances, and give your future some better definition. 


So, what can we help you with?


Clarifi Financial Counseling

At Philadelphia Federal Credit Union we want to provide you with the tools and resources so you are in the best possible financial shape.

We’re excited to partner with Clarifi, a local non-profit agency that can help you take action to improve your credit, reduce debt, avoid foreclosure, save and make sure your financial life is on a healthy track.

You’ll have direct access to financial counseling, phone support, an online financial education library and financial workshops suited to your needs.

Get a Jump Start on your Financial Fitness Right Now

Take a few minutes now to watch one of Clarifi’s videos. They’re easy-to-digest and provide quick tips help you flex your financial muscles. Check out more in their online financial education library.