Moola Moola Kids Club

Set children on the path to smart money management

Moola Moola is a magical monster from the make-believe land of Lotta Loot, and is the leader of our Moola Moola Savings Club for Kids! Moola Moola and his friends – Pennyopolp, Nickelodeo, Scratch, Two Bits and Doodadime – teach our youngest members the value of saving. The Moola Moola Savings Club for Kids is a savings account just for children 12 years old and under.

If a $50 balance is maintained in the account, club members receive

  • Moola Moola quarterly newsletter
  • Dividends

Watch for Moola Moola at our branches, festivals, parades and other events throughout our community.

Join the Moola Moola Kids Club today!

* Moola Moola and the Money Minders Bankers System, Inc. 1983.

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