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What is the Purchase Rewards Program?

Rewards are cash back incentives for shopping at various merchants. The Purchase Rewards Program lets you earn rewards by using your PFCU Check Card to purchase merchandise and services – your purchase must be made as a Visa, not by typing in your pin number. The program is available to all PFCU Check Cardholders. Through this program, you will receive targeted offers to receive rewards on purchases based on where you shop. As a cardholder, there is no limit to the rewards you can earn. So, the more you use your PFCU Check Card, the more offers you can receive, and the more rewards you can earn.

How do you sign up?

PFCU Check Cardholders are automatically enrolled in this rewards program.

Is this program free?

Yes, this program is free. There is no cost associated with this program, making it easy for cardholders to earn rewards.

Where do you go to see offers?

You can find offers on the Teller Net home page, under transactions in the transaction history, or in the “rewards” section in the upper-right hand section of the page. The rewards summary page contains all offers you have received, those you have redeemed, and the specifics for each offer including the offer expiration dates. New offers will be labeled as “New Offers” until you click to activate them. Once clicked, the reward is loaded onto your PFCU Check Card. All offers can be viewed by visiting the rewards summary page.

There are two types of offers:

  • Loyalty offer – offer given by a merchant where you already shop
    Ex. You shop at Dunkin Donuts and you get an offer from Dunkin Donuts 
  • Conquesting offer – offer given by a competing merchant of a merchant where you already shop. 
    Ex. You shop at Dunkin Donuts and you get an offer from Starbucks

How do you earn rewards?

The system tracks spending habits and will periodically offer various rewards to many different merchants. This rewards program is based on how you currently shop, so the offers you receive are relevant to you. The more you use your PFCU Check Card, the more chances you have to receive offers. To earn rewards, simply click on an offer to see the details; this automatically loads the offer onto your PFCU Check Card. Then shop at the specified retailer and pay using your PFCU Check Card to earn the reward. Note that a general, unstated condition is that the consumer must always use your PFCU Check Card tied to the reward.

Offers typically include:

  • A promotional period
  • A reward amount
  • A condition to qualify for the reward (e.g. spend $15 and get $3 back – must spend the $15)

How do you activate a Purchase Rewards offer?

  1. After logging into your account, locate the Rewards section below Make a Payment on the Teller Net home page, or on the transaction history page, just below the Account Balance.
  2. Click on the New number link (e.g., 7) or the All offers and options link or button.
  3. In the Click column, review the offers and if you find one you like, click the Add to card link to activate the reward.
  4. In the Shop column click the See full offer link to read the details of the offer.
  5. If needed, click the link to access the company web site then start shopping and saving.

How do you redeem offers?

Simply shop at the specified retailer and pay using your PFCU Check Card to earn the reward. Each offer has different details regarding when and where to shop and how much you need to spend. Offers that require an online purchase are clearly specified and may include a redemption code. Nothing happens differently at the point of sale. There are two ways to participate in offers; an offer will specify one or both:

  • In-store offer – consumer must shop at the actual store
  • Online Offer- consumer must make the purchase online

You will see a deposit for the reward you earned deposited into your account.

What if you don’t have any offers?

If you seldom use your PFCU Check Card, you may not receive any offers until you begin using your card more often.   The more you use your PFCU Check Card, the more chances you will have to receive relevant offers. You do not earn cash back unless the reward is activated first.

You may not be receiving any offers because you accidentally opted out of the program.  If you cannot access the rewards summary page or don’t see the “rewards” section in the upper right-hand section of the Teller Net home page, you are not enrolled in the rewards program.  You can re-enroll online by clicking on "start receiving offers again."

You will not receive the reward if you don’t use your PFCU Check Card, because the system needs the purchase to be made with your card in order to track the purchase and reward.

It is a good rule of thumb to save any receipts for merchandise.

Someone you know receives an offer that you want. How can you receive the same offer?

Each offer received through the rewards program is based on how a member currently shops, so the offers they receive are relevant to them. Since everyone’s transaction history is different, there is no specific way to get someone else’s offer other than to have the same transactional history as that cardholder.

How do you select the companies that present offers?

Offers are coordinated from regional and national vendors that customers are likely to use and over time from local vendors that agree to participate in the Purchase Rewards program. A merchant must have a relationship with the program in order for you to see rewards from that merchant.

Is personal information shared with retailers?

No. The member’s personal information is not shared with retailers. In fact, no personal information leaves PFCU.

Where can you track the amount of the rewards?

  1. Locate the Rewards section below Make a Payment and click on the All offers and 
    options link or button.  It is also on the history page, just below Account Balance.
  2. In the “Enjoy” column, review the total amount of the rewards over the three month period.
  3. You can also review how much has been accumulated in each of the three months in the 
    period. Each purchase is listed along with the amount of reward that was earned from the purchase.

Where can you find expired or redeemed (used) offers?

Expired offers can be accessed through a link at the bottom of the rewards summary page. The expired offers page shows your expired offers in the last 90 days and excludes any offers that you have redeemed. If you activate a reward, but fail to use it or it expires before you make the purchase, you would lose the reward.

When is the Reward added to the account?

The qualifying purchases made in one month will be applied to the linked PFCU Check Card account at the end of the following month. So, if you make a qualifying purchase in April, the amount will be deposited in your account at the end of May.

Are Business accounts eligible for Purchase Rewards?

Yes, business accounts are eligible for Purchase Rewards.

If I have more than one account will I see the same offers on both accounts?

Offers are matched on an account level, based on the purchases made with the PFCU Check Card for that account. If you make different purchases with different accounts, you will see different offers in those accounts. You must use the PFCU Check Card connected to that account to redeem the offers for that account. Offers and rewards are based on the account; if a primary and joint have different card numbers on the same account number, they will only see one set of offers/rewards, as the cards fall under the same account number.

What if I lose my card after I have activated a reward?

The system recognizes the account number attached to the card. If you lose your card, you will still have access to the rewards and cash back.

How do I stop receiving/ opt out of all Purchase Rewards offers?

  1. Click the All offers and options link under Rewards.
  2. Click the Stop receiving all offers link near the top of the Rewards Summary page.
  3. Click Yes in the resulting popup to opt out of the Rewards program for that account.

Will I still earn rewards if I opt-out?

Rewards earned prior to opting out will be credited to your account.

How do I remove offers that I’m not interested in?

At this time there is no way to remove a specific offer from the “Click” column on the Rewards Summary page. All unused rewards offers will eventually drop off the page when they expire.

Can I re-enroll in the program after I have opted out?

You have the ability to re-enroll yourself back into the program by completing the following steps:

  • Log into Teller Net
  • From the Home Page, click on Purchase Rewards.
  • Click on “start receiving offers again."
  • Once Purchase Rewards loads, you will start receiving offers again, usually within 7 days.

Do I need to use a coupon or code to earn rewards?

Typically, you do not need a coupon or code to redeem an offer. Each offer has different specifications regarding when and where you shop and how much you need to spend. Offers that require an online purchase are clearly specified and may include a redemption code. It is important that you read the offer details to determine how to redeem each offer.

How long do you have to take advantage of an offer?

Each offer has an offer period that was set by the merchant. You must redeem offers before the expiration date. The expiration date can be found in the offer details section of the offer on Teller Net.

What is a Cardlytics account number?

Cardlytics is the third party that administers the Purchase Rewards program. Your Cardlytics account number is located in the bottom left corner of the Reward Summary page. This is the “Surrogate ID” number used to keep your private information inside the credit union.

What are some common issues?

Members should call the Contact Center with Purchase Rewards Questions.
The most common question is, “I did not get my reward. Why?”  Verify the below items first:

  • Shopped at Store X instead of Store Y
  • Spent $95 when the offer required $100 purchase 
  • Shopped August 2 for July-only offer
  • Did not use required promo code with online offer
  • Did not click on offer before making purchase
  • Used credit card or another bank card
  • Tried to redeem an offer that a friend received

If I return the merchandise used to redeem an offer, do I keep the rewards?

Yes, you will keep any rewards earned.

Is there a reward limit?

No, there is no limit on the amount of cash back you can earn.

Do I have to pay any taxes on the rewards I earn?

No, you do not have to pay any taxes on your rewards. These rewards are similar to other coupons, except they are redeemed more easily by using your PFCU Check Card.


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