Share Secured Loan

The perfect loan for first-time borrowers

Great for those borrowing for the first time or trying to repair their credit history, a Share Secured Loan allows you to borrow at competitive low rates with convenient repayment terms because you use your savings (either share or certificate) as collateral. No credit qualifications are required, and members can use a Share Secured Loan to establish a good credit history.

Your savings remain intact throughout the term of the loan, and you will continue to receive dividends. As payments are made on the loan, funds are released in the savings account.

Minimum Loan Amount


Open to

PFCU Members age 18 or older

Costs and Charges

3% above current rate earned on shares or certificate pledged


  • If the loan is secured by a certificate, the term of the loan cannot exceed the maturity date of the certificate.
  • Funds for the loan must have been in your account generally for 15 days.
  • Share Secured Loans are not available on IRA certificates, IRA Shares or Checking accounts. 
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Share Secured loans are available to all PFCU members 18 years or older who meet our account verification requirements.

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