Here are some tips to keep your credit and debit card account safe from unauthorized use. 

Report lost or stolen cards immediately.

Notify us immediately if you notice fraudulent charges on your PFCU Check Card. For other accounts, contact the issuing credit agency.

Request a new replacement credit and debit card if yours was compromised.

PFCU proactively takes the necessary steps to reissue cards and notify our members if they are at risk for unauthorized charges.

Check your account information and credit card activity online.

Don’t wait for your printed statement to arrive in the mail. Use online banking instead. PFCU offers online banking through Teller Net that allows members to easily view their transactions on their accounts between monthly statements. Sign up today at pfcu.com.

Sign up for email and mobile alerts from PFCU.

These alerts can let you know immediately if unauthorized purchases or withdrawals are made on your account. Visit our Teller Net page on pfcu.com under Membership to learn more or log into Teller Net and click on the “eServices” tab and select “Text Banking & E-mail Alerts” to sign up.

Use caution when giving your account number over the phone or online.

If using a credit card over the phone, be sure you are the one who made the call and the company you are giving it to is reputable. If shopping online, check that the site is secure. For unfamiliar websites, check other sites for customer satisfaction rating and visit the Better Business Bureau, bbb.org, to look for complaints.

Request your free credit report.

You are entitled to get three free credit reports (one from each credit bureau) from annualcreditreport.com. Regularly monitor them and keep an eye out for fraudulent new accounts. You’re also entitled to a free credit report from each credit bureau after you file a 90-day fraud alert, which you should do every 90 days if you’ve been a victim or have a good suspicion that you’re going to become a victim of identity fraud.

Change your passwords regularly.

On your various financial accounts and use strong passwords to protect yourself online and to thwart hackers.

Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Writing down your PIN leaves open the possibility of an unwanted person finding it.

Sign the back of your new card as soon as you receive it.

Destroy any old or unwanted cards so they cannot be used.

Tom Flynn

I have been a customer for over 17 years.  PFCU has competitive rates, personable customer service, and your loan processes are very user friendly.   

Tom Flynn
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