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Not here for our profit, here for yours.

We’re a credit union, which means we’re just like a bank, only better. Better rates, better fees, better philosophy. We’re member-owned, which means no shareholders to appease and all of our profits go right back to the people. Because when our members succeed, it’s better for everyone. 


Community you can bank on.

To us, there’s no better investment than community. From the start, we’ve helped our members open businesses, improve their homes and send their kids to school. No fat cats here. Just neighbors.

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Become a member. 

What’s it take to be a PFCU member? Less than you might think. As long as you live, work, worship or go to school in Philadelphia or Columbia county, you’re in. It’s that easy. 

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Spread the word, share the wealth.

Already a proud member of PFCU? Spread the word! Refer a friend or neighbor to us, and if they join we’ll give you both a gift.  

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What's new at PFCU?

Take a look below and read all about it.


Credit Seminar- Fishtown Community Branch Library


Credit doesn’t have to be confusing. Join us for a seminar and learn all about it!

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Buying or Leasing a Car: Which One is Right for You?


Deciding on your next vehicle? Learn the key differences between buying and leasing a car to determine which payment option is right for you.

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Community Roundup: 2016 Custom & Classic Benefit Car Show and 5th Annual Art Contest Winners!


At PFCU, our neighborhoods are near and dear to our heart. Here’s a roundup of our latest community activities.

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