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At PFCU, membership has its fair share of rewards. Lower fees. Better rates. Free financial education. And when you're a member, you're actually a part-owner of our credit union. So you're who sees the profits.

Become a PFCU Member

No bankers. Just neighbors.

How’d you like to own part of a financial institution? Because when you’re a PFCU member, that’s exactly what you get. As a credit union, we’re member-owned. Which means no shareholders. No fat cats. Just ordinary people interested in low fees, great rates, and helping their community grow and thrive.

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Signing up is a snap. Just open up a PFCU Regular Savings account and make a deposit, and you’ll qualify as a PFCU member.

So, think you might want to become a member? As long as you live, work, study, or worship in Philadelphia or Columbia County, you’re welcome to join. It’s that simple.

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Want to know more about our fee structure?

Whether you’re a member or a business, we can offer you a clear outline of the fees associated with our most commonly used services.

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Member Discount Program

PFCU membership qualifies you for all kinds of services at reduced rates, including our: Discount Travel Program, Pet Insurance, Dental Benefits, and Theme Park Discounts.
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Select Employee Groups

Good news! As long as you work for a company in one of our select employee groups, you can become a member – even if you don’t live or work here. And if you’re a business, consider joining one and make PFCU membership available to your employees.
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Now that the children are off to college, PFCU tellerphone is a great tool.  This saves time and money when your student need funds for tuition , books, food etc.  How convenient!  If you don’t have an account with PFCU, hurry and sign up now!

Barbara Saunders-Abdullahi
Member since 2003

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