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Personal Banking

Whether you're focused on here and now or saving up for down the road, we'll find you a product to help. And as a PFCU member, you can be sure that wherever you're headed, your money will stay in the community.

Checking Accounts 

Checking Accounts ▸

Mind your money with a few checks and balances.

Savings Accounts 

Savings Accounts ▸

High interest rates for families on the grow.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards ▸

Exclusive perks and low fees to get you on the move.

Personal & Vehicle Loans

Personal & Vehicle Loans ▸

Whatever you’re striving for, our interest rates make it easy.

Mortgages & Home Loans

Mortgages & Home Loans ▸

Put down some roots in a strong financial foundation.

Investing & Retirement

Investing & Retirement ▸

Get geared up for your golden years.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services ▸

Give your grad a crash course in smart spending.

Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts ▸

Even our littlest members can learn to save.

EZ Pay 

EZ Pay ▸

We now offer you the ability to make a loan payment.


We always want to know how our members feel. Keep your comments coming!


I have been a customer for over 17 years.  PFCU has competitive rates, personable customer service, and your loan processes are very user friendly.

Tom Flynn
Member since 1998

Gina Klein

I love PFCU for their excellent employees, who are the best. Let the letters in PFCU show you how they shine above the rest!

P: The employees are professional and polite; they always treat their members right!
F: Every employee is friendly and has a smile on their face, so I know I'm banking in the right place!
C: PFCU's employees are customer-focused, courteous, and caring. Now that is news worth sharing!
U: Their uncompromising commitment to service is refreshing to see.

Gina Klein
Member since 1995

Barbara Saunders-Abdullahi

Now that the children are off to college, PFCU tellerphone is a great tool.  This saves time and money when your student need funds for tuition , books, food etc.  How convenient!  If you don’t have an account with PFCU, hurry and sign up now!

Barbara Saunders-Abdullahi
Member since 2003