About Us

At PFCU, we’ve got a pretty clear-cut philosophy. We’re not here for our profit. We’re here for yours. And from the very beginning, that has made the difference for us and every one of our members..

About PFCU

It is our fundamental belief, and the pride of PFCU, that our members and employees are the real owners of this institution. That’s why we work so hard to help them achieve their financial goals and see their families thrive. And why we reinvest all our profits back to improve our services, reduce our fees, and keep our rates competitive.

We believe in helping people. Pure and simple. And that might seem like a radical idea, but trust us - it isn’t. It’s just a good one.


PFCU’s Mission and History

Everything we do, we do for our members. And it’s always been that way.
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Our Board of Directors

Learn a little more about the men and women who help guide PFCU forward.
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What's new at PFCU?

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Events Shredding Day


Shred your pre-approved credit card offers, cancelled checks and other confidential documents!

Four Common Retirement Plans


In March, we shared advice for how you can live simply in retirement. Now, we’re breaking down some of the most common financial options for saving for this chapter of your life.


CreditUnions.com recently shared the story of the donation that PFCU made to the Delaware Valley Veterans Home to support various personalized services and recreational programs that are available to the 171 veteran residents and their spouses.