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We understand - you're busy. That's why we're giving you all the tools you need to manage your finances on your own time.

Member Services

PFCU offers a variety of convenient services that allow you to easily access your account and make deposits. Our Teller Net portal, EZ Pay Online and Mobile Banking App are examples of services that make a PFCU a great credit union to bank with.

Teller Net

Teller Net is your All-in-One Solution to PFCU Banking. Access your PFCU account from your computer or mobile device to access your account information, 24-hours a day, free of charge. Learn more about Teller Net

EZ Pay Online

Conveniently make loan payments from other financial institutions through our EZ Pay Online portal. Learn more about EZ Pay

Mobile Banking App

Whether you are at school, traveling, shopping, or dining, our quick, secure mobile banking app allows you to easily access your account and make eDeposits. Download the app to simplify your personal finances. Learn more about Mobile Banking App

Teller Phone

PFCU’s Teller Phone service gives you free access to your account at any time through any touchtone phone. Learn more about Teller Phone

Direct Deposit

Eliminate the worry of depositing a paper check with PFCU’s convenient Direct Deposit service. Learn more about Direct Deposit


Our revolutionary eServices make checking your statement or transferring funds simple and nearly fool-proof. Learn more about eServices

Traveling Abroad

Travel to outside of the US may pose restrictions that can make traveling more stressful. Learn more about what to do when traveling to prevent these restrictions. Learn more about Traveling Abroad

Bill Payer

Pay all of your bills online from your mobile device with PFCU’s safe, reliable, and efficient electronic bill payer service, which is free of charge. Learn more about Bill Payer

Shared Access

Our Shared Access service allows you safely and securely share account access without sharing confidential log-in information. Learn more about Shared Access

Mobile Digital Wallets

Our digital wallets allow you to easily access your PFCU check card right from your mobile phone to make purchases without the need of carrying a wallet. Learn more about Mobile Digital Wallets


Quickly and safely move automatic payments and direct deposits from old accounts to your PFCU account with our ClickSwitch portal, which only takes ten minutes to set up. Learn more about ClickSWITCH

Text Message Banking

Text message banking makes it easy to access your balance and transactions right on your mobile phone. Just text a short command and you will quickly receive the information you want. Learn more about Text Message Banking


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