Overdraft Protection

Available to all PFCU members with a checking account or PFCU Check Card, Overdraft Protection helps protect you from insufficient funds.

Who needs Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft protection, in the form of a line of credit, is good for any PFCU member that has a checking account or PFCU Check Card. In the event that a member writes a check or makes a purchase without sufficient money in their checking account, the funds will be taken from the line of credit to cover the payment or purchase. It saves consumers the embarrassment of having a check returned for non-payment (or peace-of-mind) and also money for not being charged a $28.00 non-sufficient funds fee.

Is there a cost to Overdraft Protection?

There is no cost to have overdraft protection, in the form of a line of credit, other than the annual percentage rate that is applied to the line of credit balance each month. Members can simply pay the line of credit and any interest accrued at any time or a monthly payment can be applied to the outstanding balance or simply pay the entire amount.

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