Home Affordable Refinance Program
(HARP 2.0)

If you’re a homeowner who owes more than the value of your home, the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be able to help you refinance into a fixed-rate with a shorter term so you can pay down your balance faster. HARP provides homeowners with loans guaranteed by Fannie Mae an opportunity to refinance into more affordable monthly payments. Even if you’re extremely under water, HARP can throw you a line by removing the maximum loan-to-value cap.

HARP program benefits include

  • Refinancing your first mortgage even if you owe more than the value
  • No maximum loan-to-value (LTV) requirement
  • Rock-bottom rates with flexible credit requirements
  • Streamlined processing
  • Online HARP site for application processing
  • A quick and easy refinancing process

If you want to qualify, here are the criteria you’ll have to meet

  • You must live in the home being refinanced
  • HARP 2.0 refinance only applies to Fannie Mae mortgages
  • Homeowner must be able to afford the new lower payment
  • Current mortgage must be up-to-date with no late payments in the past 12 months
  • Payments on the new loan must be more affordable or more stable than on the existing loan
  • The maximum LTV cap has been removed on homeowners looking to refinance into a fixed-rate mortgage
  • For homeowners looking to refinance into an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), the maximum LTV is 105%
  • Your current mortgage must have a securitization date prior to June 1, 2009

Ready to get started?

Contact our Mortgage Specialists at 215-934-3505 to see if you qualify.

If your house is owned by Fannie Mae, we can help refinance it. To find out if Fannie Mae owns your house, visit www.fanniemae.com/loanlookup or call 800-7-Fannie.

We currently are not refinancing Freddie Mac-owned loans. Offer of credit is subject to credit approval.