Your Ticket to Drive

Looking for the confidence to negotiate the best price on a car that you know you can afford? Then look no further than AutoDraft, a blank check given to members who are pre-approved for a new or used automobile loan. You'll score a low-interest-rate loan with no hidden fees. Plus, you'll know exactly what you can afford. Simply take your AutoDraft to any dealership and make a straightforward purchase.

Key Features

  • Same great terms as our new and used auto loans
  • The AutoDraft blank check is valid for 90 days.
  • Accepted by any dealership
  • Good as cash, which allows you to negotiate the best price

Although AutoDraft gives you great negotiating power, we recommend not purchasing a car on the spot. Instead, take time to re-evaluate your decision and contact your PFCU Loan Processor for advice! He or she can help determine the value of the automobile and your payment options, which can help you avoid paying too much for the vehicle while ensuring that the payments meet your budget.

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"I am a Philadelphia based blogger and a busy mom. I like to share ways to get the most amount of fun in your day, no matter what things you have going on. Money and debt planning are very important, whether it is so you can travel more, have more adventures with the kids, or just to feel less stressed. Having a PFCU financial expert answering my questions and helping to guide me through these issues was extremely helpful."

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