JULY 2012

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PFCU in Action
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PFCU in Action
Take Control of Your Finances with BALANCESM
Managing your money wisely can help you meet your goals. Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (PFCU) is on your side! As a benefit of your membership, we provide free and confidential access to a financial education and counseling service called BALANCE.
OnTrack: A New Budgeting Resource for You
Business Loans to Nurture Many Needs
Running a business requires nearly constant adjustment and improvement, whether it's honing a product, offering a new service, expanding your physical space or updating equipment. Thankfully, PFCU offers financial support for your business.
Upcoming Shredding Days
Philadelphia Federal Payroll Services, LLC
Expert Payroll Processing for Your Business
Outsource your payroll to Philadelphia Federal Payroll Services and save money, reduce your workload and spend more time on the enjoyable aspects of managing your business.
Choose the Loan That’s Right for Your Business
Shredding Day Event
Saturday, August 4
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Northwest Branch
CU Rewards®: Earn Points for Every Dollar You Spend
Resist the Lure of Store Credit Cards
Declining any offers of in-store credit is generally the smart move. Opening several lines of credit can lower your credit score, leading potential lenders to believe that you are a poor credit risk.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Wow! Shop at a Mall with Thousands of Stores
We are happy to announce a great enhancement to our CU Rewards® Program. Now when you visit our CURewards® Mall online through pfcu.com, you enter the biggest shopping mall in the world!
Wow! Shop at a Mall with Thousands of Stores

Win $10,000 for Your Summer Wishes
Make your summer wishes come true with an extra $10,000 – just by using PFCU Electronic Bill Payer! Pay at least three bills using Electronic Bill Payer during July and August and you'll receive an entry into our sweepstakes for EVERY bill paid!
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Finding a Balance
How to Save for Retirement and Send the Kids to College
As a parent, you may have lofty goals to save early and often for your child's college education while also saving for your retirement. But in general, it makes sense to put your retirement savings first.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

2012 Scholarship Winners
We are happy to announce the recipients of the 2012 Scholarship Program.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Take Advantage of Rates as Low as 2.99% APR at the Enterprise Used Auto Sales Event
It is time to mark your calendars for our annual summer sales event with Enterprise Car Sales. Take advantage of our great rates and savings on an extensive selection of vehicles plus a fair, haggle-free shopping experience.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Get a Great Motorcycle Loan Deal at PFCU
Is there some vroom in your future? If warmer weather and sunny days have you thinking about cruising down the road in a new (or just new to you!) motorcycle, be sure to check out the loan deals at PFCU.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Feeling Underwater on Your Mortgage?
The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP 2.0) was designed to assist homeowners with a Fannie Mae loan to refinance to a lower interest rate – even if they owe more than the home's current value.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

Need a Personal Loan for Back-to-School Needs?
A Personal Loan from PFCU can help you take your family vacation or pay for back-to-school needs, including books, computers, clothes and school supplies.
It's the Season for Motorcycle Loans!

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