The Fast, Secure and Free Way to Switch Your Automatic Payments and Direct Deposits!

PFCU's ClickSWITCH is an online portal that assists in efficiently switching your recurring payments from old accounts to your PFCU account – all with the click of a mouse. With ClickSWITCH you can change financial institutions or move old accounts without the hassles of filling out multiple forms or wasting time contacting payees for automated payments. It's fully automated, convenient and takes less than 10 minutes.

With PFCU's clickswitch, you can:

  • Change financial institutions without the hassle.
  • Transfer direct deposits to your PFCU account.
  • Notify auto-debit payees of the new account information and update their billing information.
  • View and track your switches with the Switch Summary and Switch Status tools.
  • Close prior external account(s).

How to get started:

  • To get started with ClickSWITCH, give us a call at 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area), stop by any of our PFCU branches, or fill out the form to the right to receive an email so you can start the switch process.
  • Once you receive your ClickSWITCH email, log into PFCU's ClickSWITCH Portal, where with a few clicks you can close old accounts, transfer direct deposits and/or switch automatic payments to your PFCU account.
  • ClickSWITCH will take care of the rest by generating and sending forms to your old financial institution, direct deposit and automated payment sources.


If you have any questions, refer to our ClickSWITCH Frequently Asked Questions Page, contact a PFCU Member Service Representative at 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area) or email

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