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Payment Protection

Protection you need, when the unexpected happens

It’s something none of us like to think about, but don’t stick your head in the sand when it comes to preparing for the unexpected. If disability or premature death strikes, our Payment Protection plan can help ease your family’s financial burden.*

Payment Protection allows members to protect themselves and their families in the event a disability interrupts earning, or a premature death occurs during the term of a loan.

How it works:

  • Payment Protection is insurance offered to members when the loan is initiated.
  • Members do not need to take a physical exam as long as they meet group eligibility requirements.
  • Eligible loan types include: consumer loans, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.
  • Payments vary based on the term and amount of the loan.
  • Payments for Payment Protection are included in your loan payment.

Key features include:

  • Credit Disability
    • Protects you if a disability occurs that prevents you from continuing employment.
    • Covers your loan installment at a time when income is low and expenses are high.
  • Credit Life
    • Protects members in the event of death.
    • Your loan transaction is completed, your debt is paid, and your collateral is released.

Peace of mind for you and your family

  • Call 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area).
  • Stop by a branch location.
  • Not a member yet? Join us!

* Some exclusions and limitations do apply. Please refer to the application/certificate for those exclusions and limitations.  You have the right to examine the coverage for 30 days. If you are not satisfied you may cancel coverage by returning the certificate for a full refund of any premiums you have paid.

Credit insurance is not a deposit or obligation of, or guaranteed by a financial institution or its affiliates. Credit insurance is not insured or guaranteed by any agency of the federal government. A borrower’s credit approval cannot be conditioned on whether he/she purchases credit insurance.

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