4 Cheap Date Night Ideas


Spending time with your significant other doesn’t have to include spending money. Check out our list of fun and affordable date night ideas that can save you money.

4 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Movie Night

Choosing to stay in and watch a movie rather than going to your local theater is an easy way to have a cheap date night. The price of movie tickets and food can put a dent in your wallet. Watch a movie that you already own from the comfort of your home with snacks from this week’s grocery budget. What’s more, you can enjoy a comfortable seat, no noise distractions and quality time with your significant other all while saving some money.

Volunteer Together

Using your time to help others is not only cost-efficient but it can also help you build a strong bond with your significant other. Look up volunteer opportunities within your community and choose something that interests both of you, such as a local charity or community service at your local park. This alternative date allows you to save money and have fun helping others in need.

Game Night with Friends

Connecting with friends and playing board games is a great way to save money on date night. Pull out the board games that you have stowed away or download games that you can play with your partner and friends. Game night doubles as an opportunity to spend quality time with others without spending money on a night out on the town.

Outdoor Activities

Exercising and staying healthy by participating in outdoor activities such as biking, hiking or even taking a walk with your partner doesn’t cost a dime. You both can get fresh air and stay physically fit without spending your own money. Next time you want to head to a restaurant for happy hour, consider taking a walk around the block or going for a bike ride.

Date nights shouldn’t break the bank. By implementing some of these ideas, you’ll think twice before swiping your debit or credit card on an activity with your significant other. Keep these fun and affordable ideas in mind to help your savings grow.

Erin Elis 
Erin Ellis
Accredited Financial Counselor ®
Philadelphia Federal Credit Union