Side Hustles: How to Make Extra Money from Home


If you’re looking to make some extra cash outside of your day job, consider taking on a side hustle to make more money from home. Here’s our list of side hustles to consider.
5 Side Hustles for Extra Cash

5 Side Hustles for Extra Cash


Invest in stocks, bonds, savings accounts or a small business to watch your money grow. Even if you contribute a small amount, putting money toward an investment vehicle can help increase your funds. Playing the stock market is a riskier bet, but it can yield strong returns in a faster amount of time. On the other hand, investing in bonds or savings accounts will grow your money over a longer period, but it is a more conservative approach. Your small-business idea may require you to invest more time and money, but having a side hustle will increase your income.

Sell Items at a Yard Sale

Another way to make some extra cash from home is by selling your used clothing, home goods or toys at a yard sale. Hosting a yard sale doubles as an opportunity to make money while cleaning out your home. Price out items according to size and importance — $5 or $10 can add up quickly. The extra money from a yard sale can be used to pay off debt, build a savings account or fund a new investment. For more tips on how to use a yard sale to build savings, check out our recent Moneyline blog post.

Become a Dog Walker

Take up a side hustle as a dog walker to help your neighbors with their furry friends. You can fit in walks on your lunch break or before dinner after your return home from your day job. Becoming a dog walker shouldn’t take up too much extra time, and it will add a bit of cash to your wallet.

Take on Freelance Projects

Depending on your area of expertise, become a freelancer in your spare time to make extra money. Whether you’re a graphic designer, consultant, writer or marketing expert, consider pursuing projects on the side to increase your income.

Rent Your Home on Airbnb

If you’re traveling or have the option to stay with family and friends, rent out your home on Airbnb for an extended period to make some extra cash. A week stay or long weekend trip from guests can help you make a few hundred dollars in a short amount of time.

Extra money on the side can be used to pay off debt, build a savings account or fund a new investment. Taking up a side hustle from your home doesn’t require a lot of time on your part, and it can greatly increase your income.

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Erin Ellis
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