Beach Vacation on a Budget


With summer heating up, follow these money-saving tips to make the most of a beach vacation on a budget.

Three Vacation Savings Tips: Beach Vacation on a Budget

Plan for the short or long term
PFCU offers a vacation savings account for short- or long-term planning. Whether you’re booking a trip along the coast at the last minute or you’ve been planning for your summer vacation all year, this savings option is sure to help you set aside some money to use for your stay at the shore.

For extra savings, consider booking a trip during the off-season. Prices are high along the coast during July and August, but tend to decrease after Labor Day. If your heart is set on the summer months, consider booking a hotel or renting a house at the last minute, which sometimes provides savings as owners offer lower prices to fill any vacancies.

Carpool and stock up
If you’re traveling with family or friends, think about carpooling to save money on gas. Everyone can chip in to share the cost of gas and tolls, and your group will save time finding one parking space as opposed to several. Hotels, motels and beach houses are usually within walking distance of storefronts and main attractions, so cutting down on the number of cars shouldn’t be an issue.

Remember to pack a cooler before you head to the coast. Stocking up on deli meats for sandwiches and cases of water and other drinks will come in handy for lunches on the beach. Planning to prepare dinners can also help you avoid spending money on eating out. Lasagnas and hot dogs or burgers are a great alternative for your budget and are easy to store.

Prioritize activities
Set a daily budget to prioritize the activities you’d like to do most. You’re probably going to spend the majority of your vacation on the sand, so consider visiting a free beach to avoid the cost of purchasing beach tags. The boardwalk, mini golf and amusement parks are top attractions at the beach, so decide which activity falls into your budget best and stick to it.

Before booking your next beach vacation, make sure to consider renting and transportation costs, prepare a packing list and prioritize the types of activities your family will participate in so you can have a relaxing beach vacation on a budget.


Erin Ellis
Accredited Financial Counselor ®
Philadelphia Federal Credit Union