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  • CBS 3: Continuing Education is Beneficial for Philadelphia Financial Educator

    Erin Ellis talks to CBS 3 about the most challenging aspect of her job as PFCU’s Financial Educator and the importance of sharing your talents and knowledge to positively impact others.

  • Northeast Times: Growing their credit

    The fair weather has been kind to the tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and herbs growing next to the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union’s office on Townsend Road. There’s still some sweet corn, too.

  • Build a Rainy Day Fund

    Could you weather a financial emergency? Consider these easy tips for building an emergency fund to prepare for the unexpected.

  • Living on One Income vs. Two

    Many families are shifting from a dual income lifestyle to a single income. Use these tips to put a positive spin on your situation.

  • Mortgage Forecast

    It's a buyers market and rates are at historic lows. It's a great time to buy or refinance!

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