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CU Succeed

Welcome to the future.

The CU Succeed® Program helps young adults ages 13-17 learn about handling money and establishing (and keeping!) great credit. We offer special checking, savings, check cards and other services just for this age group. Plus, your teenager has access to a web site with articles on choosing the right college and getting a summer job.

What's the Deal?

  • First box of checks FREE
  • FREE ATM/Check Card
  • 10 FREE ATM/Check Card withdrawals a month
  • FREE Teller Phone access
  • FREE Teller Net access at pfcu.com
  • FREE Electronic Bill Payer for active users
  • FREE quarterly newsletter written by teens, for teens
  • Access to the interactive CU Succeed® website
  • The Annual PFCU Scholarship Program

Teens also get these incredible benefits:

Name Your Own Savings Account. My Computer Account. My Whatever Account. It's your choice. You must maintain a $5 minimum balance, and as little as $50 in savings will earn you dividends. What a deal. And no monthly fees. Save for clothes, computer games, a car or DVDs. Or use it to stash your allowance, birthday or hard-earned cash. To get started, simply:

  1. Log on to Teller Net.
  2. Click on your savings account.
  3. Click "Details".
  4. "Change Name".
  5. Enter the name in the "New Description" box.
  6. Click "Submit".

CU Succeed® Checking Account.* Everything you need.

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service or per-check fees
  • First 150 CU Succeed checks are absolutely FREE

Higher Yield Savings. Once your savings reach $2,000, stash your funds here to gain even more money. Let us make you some green!

Savings Certificates. Keep your savings in the Credit Union and you will earn dividends that will surpass your expectations. Just maintain a $250 minimum balance over a six-month term.

PFCU Check Card.* It's one more way to access cash. And it's FREE. Don't forget – transactions at PFCU ATMs are always FREE.

Personal Loan.* Need a new computer? Maybe some new school books? With a PFCU Personal Loan, the money you need is easily accessible. Take out a loan for as little as $500.

Car Loan.* Imagine cruising with your friends in your own set of wheels. We can make that happen with a used car loan that offers affordable monthly payments. We want to make sure you have enough money left over for gas.

Open All Night. Teller Net gives you 24/7 access to your account information. Download account history, check account balances, transfer funds, use Electronic Bill Payer and reorder checks.

Once you sign up, you're a PFCU member for life (even if you move, change jobs or go to college in a different state). So you and your family can always enjoy our better rates and services for as long as you want.

Current PFCU members have been automatically enrolled in this FREE program – no additional applications are required and your PFCU account number hasn't changed. If you're not already a PFCU member, now is the best time to open an account so you can take advantage of this innovative program!

Learn more

  • Call 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area).
  • E-mail cusucceed@pfcu.com.

*Must be age 13 or older to be eligible to apply for CU Succeed Checking Account and Check Card. If you are under 18, you must have an adult joint owner. Must be age 16 or older to be eligible to apply for a Personal Loan or Car Loan. If you are under 18, you must have a co-applicant.

Open an Account

  • Call 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area).
  • Stop by a branch location.
  • Not a member yet? Join us!

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