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Trust Accounts

Ensure your wishes are followed now and after you’re gone.

A Trust Account is created based on a written agreement to manage property for the benefit of another person.

Open to: In order for a trust to qualify for membership, the trustor opening the account must be eligible for membership.
Key Features:
  • May have all share accounts (excluding IRAs, HSAs and Loans), regular savings certificates and an ATM or PFCU Check Card
  • Separately insured by NCUA
Costs and Charges: Over-the-counter withdrawal fee of $2 for any withdrawal less than $500
How to Open: Trustee/Trustor must complete a membership card along with a request to open a Trust Account and provide a copy of the Trust Agreement.
Accessing Account: Trustee(s)/Trustor(s) can perform transactions on the account. The Tustee(s)/Trustor(s) must sign all account documentation, including checks, in the representative capacity. For example, Joe Brown, Trustee of the Brown Family Trust.
Interest Rate: % Base Rate*
% APY*

A trust will not be granted loans and cannot open IRAs.

Open a Trust Account

  • Visit one of our branches.
  • Call 215.934.3500 or 800.832.PFCU (outside the metropolitan area).
  • Not a member of PFCU? Sign up now!

* APY = annual percentage yield. Base Rate is a measure of how much interest will be accrued on an annual basis without taking into account compound interest. APY is the same interest rate measure, but accounts for compound interest – a better measure of how much you will actually earn in interest.

Open an Account

  • Call 215-934-3500 or 800-832-PFCU (outside the metropolitan area).
  • Stop by a branch location.
  • Not a member yet? Join us!

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