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Spring Savings

In today’s unstable economy, achieving the most “bang for your buck” is crucial for the average consumer. As we patiently await the onset of spring, consumers have more to look forward to than just the warmer weather and budding blooms. Unbeknownst to many, the spring season brings great bargain prices to a variety of household goods and popular consumer products. This in-between season is the perfect time to take advantage of the discounted prices being offered for what are typically more expensive purchases. The following lists a few categories of goods that could provide big savings for savvy shoppers this spring:

  • Kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators, are often big sale items in the spring months due to the manufacturers needing to make room for the newer models that premiere in the summer. As long as you are able to live without the latest model, this time of year is perfect for making a smart appliance purchase.
  • Brand name grills are sold in many stores across America each summer, and of course not every grill finds a home. Chain stores such as Home Depot often place the unpurchased brand name grills from the previous summer on sale in the spring – sometimes up to 40 percent less than they were last summer!
  • Vacuum Cleaners, like refrigerators, are usually released in the summer months. Again, manufacturers need to make room to display their new models, resulting in major sales on the previous year’s vacuums.
  • Home services, such as pool maintenance, HVAC installers, and air conditioner instillation are often busiest during the early summer months. This leaves a need to create more business in the off season of early spring, resulting in great bargain opportunities just in time for summer.
  • Lawnmowers are large in size, taking up a lot of floor space and thus make it expensive for most business to keep in stock. Any store you notice that has an abundance of big mowers will often have opportunities for bargain sales.
  • Video Games reach their peak sales during the holiday season and steadily decline in sales after Christmas, according to Lifehacker.com. March is a great time to look for those popular video games in the sales bin at your chain retail stores.
  • Athletic Sneakers are typically marketed to consumers most rigorously in the early spring months, but if you are willing to wait until the end of May to purchase that pair of jogging shoes you had your eye on you may get lucky with a bargain price. Models that do not completely sell out throughout March and April are usually marked down by retailers toward the end of May.

Simply paying attention to seasonal pricing trends of popular consumer products can help you save significantly in the springtime. Keep an eye out for sales and if you can wait, time those big purchases wisely. Smart, conscious consumer purchases are right within your reach this season.

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