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5 Tips for Scoring the Best Black Friday Deals

1. Create a Plan: It’s important to have a plan before hitting the stores. PFCU recommends creating a budget for everyone on your list. Take this important step one step further by listing what you want to buy for each person and how much those things typically cost. This way when you are shopping in the stores you know if you’re getting a good deal.

2. Do Your Homework: Preview the Black Friday sale ads now at BFads.net and BlackFriday.com. We also suggest checking retailers' websites and Facebook pages for additional unannounced sales.

3. Evaluate the Deals: Despite what most people think, just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean you’re getting a great deal. Some retailers wait until Cyber Monday or mid-December to unleash their biggest deals. We suggest using the Internet to check and compare prices.

4. Understand Return Policies: Sometimes Black Friday deals come with strings attached. It’s important to pay attention to store policies and know if the items you are purchasing can be returned or only exchanged or if there are any restocking fees.

5. Cyber Monday. Maybe the biggest shopping phenomenon since Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another day to be on the lookout for great deals. In some cases prices will drop even lower on this day, but be cautious of shipping costs. PFCU’s Black Friday tips still apply when shopping online on Monday – create a plan, do your homework and evaluate the deal.

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