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Downloading and Updating to IE 8

  1. Open your Internet Browser

  2. Put the following in the address bar: http://download.microsoft.com

  3. Click on the internet explorer icon on the page

  4. Click the windows Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP link

  5. After the page loads click the download link on the page.

  6. They may receive a popup box.  (Below) They can select the No Thanks option

  7. The next page should display a popup box.  The user can select the run option.

    (This window will appear as the install is downloaded.)

  8. Once the download completes the following will popup.  Select Run

    (The following window will popup after clicking run)

  9. The user will then get the following screen.  They can select the I do not want to participate now option and select next.

  10. The user must select the I accept option

  11. Leave the checkbox selected that says to Install updates.  Select next

    (The following window will appear on the screen.  This will display while the computer gets all of the updates and installs the program. Note the green check box.  This means that step is completed.)

  12. Once the install is completed the user will get the following screen.  They will need to select the Restart Now option.  Once the computer resets the installation should be completed.